Being a girl, one of the most frequent things we’re given for presents is jewelry. I’m not really big on it, but I like to keep it organized none the less. I have a necklace holder and a bunch of little cases for it all, but it never seems to stay in one place and I can never find what I need before I head out the door. So I made myself one of these little suckers. You can’t really tell, but there’s this pastel purple ribbon at the top, with lace that I sewed on top of that. It was my little sister’s contribution to my project. I’m not sure if I think it’s complete or not, but I like it for the time being. :)

Oh, and Jolyssa had a bit to do with this too. Girl, when I slept at your house, I saw all the push pins in your wall where you were hanging your jewelry! Haha. 

2 years ago on 8 April 2012 @ 2:34pm 4 notes
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